Physics Petting Zoo Request Form

The Physics Petting Zoo is a collection of hands-on activities suitable for an informal science event. The participants interact with the zoo stations.

Who it is for: The self-guided nature of the Physics Petting Zoo ensures that everyone learns something. It is most suitable for elementary and middle school children.


  • Your group can visit the Physics Petting Zoo at the Department of Physics & Astronomy, University of Kentucky
  • We can send the Zoo to you in a box, and you can set it up for your venue and occasion.
  • We might be able to deliver the Zoo to you and help present it.

Zoo programs for a classroom typically take 30-45 minutes for up to 30 people at one time. Zoos for multiple groups of 30 are possible with additional sessions.

Zoos for larger numbers of people are possible as part of an event that has other ongoing activities. In such a setting participants usually spend 10 to 20 minutes visiting the zoo.

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